Web Development

Our expertise in web development and using the up to date Mircosoft .NET framework, give us the ability to effeciently complete your projects successfully within budget.

Our specialties are in:
* Classic ASP
* Webservices
* IIS (Internet Information Services)
* Java & VB scirpt

Software Development

When web development is not an option, building windows applications could be the solution. We have been developing Micrsoft .NET applications for years.

Our windows projects have been written in:
* C#

Database Development

Having an good database design is a must to have a well functioning project and business reporting. When the information grows, it is imperetive to have the proper database design to support accessing and manupilating the data.

Our software engineers design relational databases with the probable data expansion in mind. No matter how small or large the database design needs to be, database entity and referential integrity is designed using best practices.

Dotprog's devolopers have strong database developement experience in the following areas:
* Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005
* Microsoft Business Intellegence
* Crystal Reports